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Bello Magazine

Case Study – 2005 Multicultural Media asked us to work with them on the first issue of bello Magazine. The client was focused on redefining the look and intensity of US Latino publications, and ultimately the reaction to the redefining of the paradigm. Our role was to carry-out all of the design work, whilst liaising with the publisher, client, and printer. The Project Since this was the premiere issue of the magazine, there were no style guidelines or templates. Before beginning work on the magazine proper, we prepared three example ‘department’ templates and three ‘feature’ templates allowing the client to get a feel for what was possible and for us to make some recommendations on style guidelines. After the concept stage, it was clear that since bello is such a visual product, the design had to focus on showing-off the photography.
End Result The magazine took 6 weeks from start to finish. It was printed in time for the national launch events in San Antonio, Texas and Beverly Hills, California. D.Zapa Media was asked to join forces with Multicultural Media in creating the next fifteen issues.