Client’s Objective

Client’s Objective

Taboo’s “One Heart—One Beat” political music video was inspired by the social issue of immigration. In recent years the issue of immigration, specifically flowing from the US—Mexico border, has become an issue of both increasing hate (towards immigrants with Mexican/Latin American roots) and an issue that many US citizens have united around. The fact that this is an issue close to the hearts of Taboo and the D.Zapa Media team, it was a simple decision to create a visual message in support of what is lost in most US political messages—the humanity of the situation. Taboo and D.Zapa conceptualized the visual message. Taboo created the music and D.Zapa Media created a storyboard, co-produced, directed, and edited this visual message.

The message of humanity was created with footage from US history, world political icons, and the people of Mexican descent. Also featured in the video is US Chicano cultural icon and hero Dolores Huerta.

One Heart—One Beat has been featured on:
• Fox News
• KTLA News
• Fox Morning News
• Hotel Workers Convention (Washington, DC)

The synergy between Taboo and ourselves was amazing. His will to want to create a positive change for Latinos in the US and our desire to creatively raise questions to an age-old issue matched up perfectly,’ said D.Zapa. ‘We shared an intensity and commitment to show the humanity and all levels (auditory, visually, and emotionally). We achieved something that has been experienced by over one million people in the US.” D.Zapa concluded.


D.Zapa Media is a cutting-edge video production company. We offer full service—conceptualize campaign ideas, create storyboards and scripts, produce and direct, and edit the visual messages of celebrities, corporations, educational institutions, and cultural and political organizations. These visual messages introduce the organization, product, idea, and brand to a target audience.

D.Zapa Media works with large and small organizations. We use video to capture the essence of their business and message, and to promote this to their audience. We work diligently to get to know your organization, understand your culture, and to capture this in an inspiring, creative and powerful visual message.

D.Zapa Media offers both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video in NTSC (American) and PAL (International) formats. We use the same level of production equipment as TV stations and networks. The video is captured on professional formats, and edited on Avid and Final Cut Pro–the industry standards for quality.

Clients include: Taboo [Black Eyed Peas], Simon & Schuster, Multicultural Media, LLC, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, Latinos For Reform, Hispanic 100, National Puerto Rican Coalition.